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Pro-dubbed C-100.
Professionally printed.
Housed in a reversible j-card.
Comes with download code.
Edition of 100. 


Autowav/Grooming Split C-100. Featuring the first physical recordings from both Los Angeles-based Autowav and New York City-based Grooming. The two artists each contribute an unrelenting, 50-minute side to this mammoth release. 
100 minutes of crushing harsh noise. 

Side A: “AWV_000″ is an uncompromising assault of analog drum machine and vicious computer noise. Here Autowav present an absolutely relentless blast of moaning circuitry and screeching digital decay. At once a desolate, life-long, reverb-dirge and a shrill, immediate cry for autonomy. Soak in it. 

Side B: Grooming’s “Calorie Mate” is a sprawling collage of power electronics, distorted vocals and harsh noise. Mangled microcassette workouts bleed in and out of bleak synthesizer reprieves and shouted vocals, all distorted to the point of granular collapse. An album’s worth of material, forged together into a stop-and-start colossus. Concussion Music.* 

Side A: Autowav, “AWV_000” 
Side B: Grooming, “Calorie Mate” 
Edition of 100


released January 1, 2018 

Recorded October 2017 In Los Angeles 
Cassettes Printed By Caleb William In Brooklyn 
Cassettes Assembled in Los Angeles 

Album Design By Juli Odomo